Getting to the essentials with elegance and simplicity, is the approach chosen by the Fréjus Tourist Office for the new 2022 graphic design for City of Fréjus’ events program.

Our challenge was to characterize an event with an object and to work on a “semi-flat design” approach.

In a society where augmented reality is gradually improving our daily life, we wanted to bring volume and relief to our creations by mixing two styles: flat design with a solid colour background and a semi-flat design with a photograph of an object everyone recognizes.

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Whatever the event or its nature or audience, our program, while taking into account security issues, is a real factor in the attractiveness of  our dynamic and festive destination.

But above all

The Tourist Office and City of Fréjus teams  – Festivities, Sound and Lights, Techniques, Early Childhood, Sports, Communication, Municipal Police – who have carefully prepared these events upstream, have made sure that conviviality and authenticity, fun and accessibility are the main ingredients

Mark your minds with simplicity and once the object has been identified , arouse the desire to sit in the red armchair during the “Nuits Auréliennes” or grab a boule to start the game off and offer you the opportunity to create your own events and YOUR own memories in Fréjus …



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