Your La Plage D 'Argens diving club!

Come and discover with us incredible adventures underwater and on the water!

With excursions for the whole family, fantastic dives in our magnificent Mediterranean, come and join us for the best memories of your stay!

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Le Camping la Plage d’Argens
541, route départementale
83600 Fréjus

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  • Nautical excursions
  • Diving baptisms
  • Exploration dives

Practical information

Nautical excursions

These are original boat trips, accessible to all and which can be enjoyed with the family! Along the coasts of the Lion de Mer Island, the Golden Island of Tintin, the Saint Tropez golf course or the Lerins Islands, you will be able to see magnificent landscapes! For those who wish, you will discover the shallow seabed with a passionate instructor! All equipment is provided !

Throughout this walk, your instructor will show you the wonders of nature and give you plenty of explanations.

Baptisms and initiations

First dive… Breathe underwater! and swim with over 8,579 fish! (certified, we counted them!)

It sounds weird the first time around. You step gently into the water and your face slides below the surface. Inhale! The air comes with a reassuring hiss and for the first time you breathe underwater. You feel light and free! The door opens to a new world. Go through the door, your life will never be the same. You are baptized!

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