Scenes in freedom – More stupid, you die

the 16/08/2021

On the forecourt of Villa Aurélienne

On-site catering

Ticket office on site 12 €

Ticket on € 10

8 pm Live music followed by the play “Plus con, tu meurs” at 9:30 pm

PLUS CON, TU MEURS – A play by Fab, Jano and Jim – Presented by the Compagnie La Boîte à rêve and Les Estérelles, Directed by Lolo

With Fabien LASCOMBE, Jean HEREDIA and Jean-Marc KELLER

After a drunken evening, Robert wakes up in his bathroom, a 44 gauge stiletto heel in his hand. The hangover very present, he notices a strange thing … The front door has disappeared! This wide open access will be the pass for the worst galleys! Misunderstandings, surprises and nervous breakdowns! All this commotion will soon arouse the curiosity of the neighbors, and… the neighbors, it's you!

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Scenes in freedom – More stupid, you die