the 14/05/2023

For more than forty years, the inhabitants of Sainte-Brigitte, through their neighborhood association, perpetuate the memory of Saint-Pons, the patron saint of ploughmen.

Until 1959, the Fréjusiens met in the city center and came here in procession by what was still only a path, today , the departure is from the roundabout at the entrance of the subdivision. Horse-drawn carriage, donkeys of Provence, people of Fréjus and bravado brandishing their faithful muskets, to fetch the bust of Saint-Pons, son of a Roman senator and patron saint of ploughmen.

Gunshots, galoubets and drums, the procession is launched the priest will first bless the animals, but also the fields and nature, hey yes! to bless is to say thank you and to ask for good.

The troop, of about fifty people, resumes its way to the chapel for the mass and to continue in beauty the traditional dance of the stump before devoting itself to the agape.

Aperitifs, meals and popular ball constitute the continuation of the festivities.