Omelette Géante

from 09/09/2023 to 10/09/2023


Since 1986, the district of Saint-Aygulf has celebrated the omelet on the occasion of a big festival which takes place every second Sunday of September. Saturday is devoted to the preparation of a giant omelette for the children as well as a giant onion soup. On Sunday, it's time to prepare the official giant omelet. Preceded by a parade of brotherhoods, the preparation of the omelet is followed by a tasting.

For the little story…

This tradition was born near Toulouse, in Bessières precisely, in 1973. Honoring an ancestral custom of the South-West, wanting an omelet to be shared with family or friends every Easter Monday, a group of craftsmen and merchants from Bessières then built a giant frying pan and made the first giant omelet there.

Thus was born the brotherhood of the Knights of the giant omelet. The tradition then spread to Dumbéa, in New Caledonia, then to Fréjus, inducted by the president of the twinning committee at the time, Gérard Ferraïoli. Today, there are seven brotherhoods around the world…

In Bessières, Dumbéa, Fréjus, Abbeville in Louisiana, Granby in Quebec, Malmedy in Belgium and Pigüé in Argentina. In Saint-Aygulf, the first omelet was made on September 27, 1987.

And the recipe?

Five kilos of salt to distribute in the buckets where the 15,000 eggs will be paid beforehand! 15 liters of oil, pepper and a bucket of fine herbs …after we beat the eggs, we reverse them in the hot pan at the right time and at the right temperature…. »

Once the ingredients have been integrated, you will have to successfully prepare the omelet: that is to say, obtain a good mix thanks to “ giant spatulas”. “It is very hot near the giant frying pan, the exercise is tiring and the “stirrers” take turns until the perfect omelette is obtained” .