The 12/07/2021


  • Monday July 12 LOUIS XVI.FR

Comedy – 1h30

From: Patrick SÉBASTIEN

Director: Olivier LEJEUNE

Production: The Great Theaters

 With: Patrick SÉBASTIEN, Virginie PRADAL, Geneviève GIL- Fred VASTAIR, Jeanne Marie Ducarre

Fourteenth July 1789, at the Palace of Versailles.

A feminist queen who wants to divorce, an erudite servant, an advisor licks boots and flabby, a muse of Marseille sans culottes and whimsical… And of course, the King, overwhelmed by events.

More than a few drops of news between the yellow vests, Twitter, BFM and the Young and the Restless.

A refreshing and completely crazy piece where laughter bursts out at each line. A totally crazy and offbeat humor but with finesse.

Aurélienne night "Louis"

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