Aurélienne night "The beautiful fathers"

the 20/07/2021

Tuesday July 20 " LES BEAUX-PERES "

Comedy – 1h30

Author: Aranud CERMOLACCE

Director: Anthony MARTY

Production: Monsieur Théâtre

With: Jean-Pierre CASTALDI – Steevy BOULAY – Philippe BEGLIA – Romain FLEURY – Eve REINQUIN – Élisabeth FREMONDIÈRE

 How to tell your father that you are in a relationship?

When you're a boy and you live with a man who is exactly the same age as your father …

This is the whole dilemma of Arthur who lives with Gérard.

But the situation becomes a little more complicated if the father believes that Arthur shares the life of his neighbor Prune, and that Prune's boyfriend, Mathieu, has to make believe that he is in a relationship with Gérard …

You follow ?

Short. Appearances are sometimes deceptive and reality is not always what you think …!

Aurélienne night "The beautiful fathers"