Jarry "title"

the 22/07/2021

Jarry returns with his new show: still crazy, crazy, rhythmic and tender… But who is Jarry?

A troublemaker in the c tender heart, with shrill cries, easy tears and unfailing courage … but not only …

Jarry welcomes you to his home: he will talk to you about him, about you, without taboos, openly… like at an evening with friends!

1h30 of human adventure, face to face, where each performance will be unique: a real moment of sharing, family and convivial where interactivity is the key.

From all walks of life, of all ages, we all have something to experience with JARRY.

For your health, eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day, see Jarry at least once in your life!

Director: Jarry

Author: Jarry

Artist: JARRY

Jarry "title"