Heure musicale

the 14/03/2023

The School of Music and Dramatic Art was founded in 1998 by Jacques Melzer , a brilliant and late concert performer, who instilled in the School a conviviality appreciated by all.

Since its creation, and with the growing support of the City of Fréjus , the music school has invested in its missions: awareness, initiation, training, creation and dissemination.

The School of Music and Dramatic Art welcomes 550 students supervised by 34 teachers.

The School of Music and Dramatic Art of Fréjus is open to all without distinction of age or place of residence.
Its main mission is the initial training of children and adults and their access to autonomy in the practice of music. The range of education levels offered corresponds, for the most part, to the program recommended by the directives of the Ministry of Culture for studies in the first cycle of education.