Cultural life and theater

Exhibition "Franco-Russian photographic meetings"

from 16/10/2021 to 24/10/2021
Centre-ville Fréjus
Vernissage on Saturday 10/16 at 6:00 p.m.
Preceded at 4:00 pm by an exceptional conference “Scenic Art Photography” by Yulia Napolskaya , award-winning photographer at the 2nd Surrealist Photo Festival in 2020. by videoconference and live translation into French in the Music room.
During her conference, Yulia will explain what is known as “Scenic Art” Photography, will talk about her artistic influences in particular in the field of painting and literature. She will characterize what makes her creations unique and her world so magical by illustrating with her own images. She will describe her creative process in broad outline, from the initial idea, the shooting and the processing in graphic tools. This lecture does NOT require Photoshop knowledge!
Followed at 7:30 p.m. by the audiovisual screening of French and Russian photographers, many of whom have won awards in audiovisual competitions and festivals.
Free entry, on presentation of the health pass, thank you.
Exhibition "Franco-Russian photographic meetings"