Art and crafts circuit

The hand-cut stones of houses in the historic heart now house artists. Their hands express talent and creativity and their work transmits their know-how in the eternal gestures and techniques learned from their elders.

School of porcelain painting

Porcelain painting, traditional method with contemporary decoration and methods, supply of material

Chantal CHARVIN –


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Le Temps des Couleurs

Located in Port-Fréjus, Le Temps des Couleurs is part of the Fréjus art and crafts circuit. Painter colourist Laurence Métais will show you her works.

Laurence METAIS –

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ARC EN CIEL leather workshop

Leather goods creation and design, Repar’Acteur label, articles made to order.



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Galerie Yves CASS

Now located in rue Saint-François de Paule, Yves Cass is a multi-faceted artist: painter, lithographer, engraver, ceramist and creator of bronzes.

Yves CASS –

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Designer jewelry, clothing and accessories with an ethnic inspiration, the Pangea workshop opens its doors to display its creations.


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MG framing workshop

The MG framing workshop, a historic stop on the art and crafts circuit, offers you high quality and artistic framing. Located in the artists’ street, rue Saint-François de Paule.

GERVAISE Martine –

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Riquet Beaux Arts

The “Riquet Beaux Arts” workshop, member of the art and crafts circuit, welcomes you into the workshop for framing, restoration of paintings and fine arts supplies


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Atelier NN

Painter Nathalia Chipilova offers portraits on demand, creations of all kinds as well as drawing and painting classes. Located in the artists’ street, rue Saint-François de Paule.

CHIPILOVA Nathalia –

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L’Atelier by Nathy

Visual artist, workshops for children and adults, painting, sculpture, modeling, mixed media, individuals, groups, events.

Nathalie PACCALET –

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Atelier O’Dil

Odile Bernot artist painter in the Latin Quarter of Port-Fréjus, welcomes you into her workshop to share her artistic universe.


Odile BERNOT –

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Atelier Chameau Blanc

Pottery and sculpture (shop and classes), unique creations, pottery and modeling classes

Pascale MOUCHES –

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Atelier Galerie d’Art

Painter and member of the arts and crafts circuit, Irina Boissy exhibits her work and creations in her studio in the Latin Quarter of Port-Fréjus .

BOISSY Iryna –

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Jewellery-maker, creation, transformation and repair, Daniel Torossan, artist / craftsman on the art and crafts circuit in rue Montgolfier.


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Atelier Galerie d’Art

A sculptor and ceramist, Nicole Fontan’s studio is in the artists’ passage in the Latin Quarter of Port-Fréjus. Don’t hesitate to go and see her!

Nicole Fontan:

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Mine de Rien

Jean-Yves Grolleau, jewellery designer and maker in the colours of the earth, has lots of surprises for you, as soon as you enter his shop in rue Sieyès, a pedestrian street in the historic centre.

Jean-Yves GROLLEAU –

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Tattoo styl’

A tattoo artist, Julien is renowned for his style and artistic quality.

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Atelier Claude Chorda

Keen on upholstery and decoration? Claude Chorda’s workshop is just the place! In rue Grisolle in the historic heart of Frejus!

Claude CHORDA –

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Atelier Saint-Pierre

Surrealist painter, Gerard Hautot will share his unique style. Pop in to meet him in his workshop in the historic heart.

Gérard HAUTOT –

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Atelier d’art Tramoni

Contemporary international painter, Olivier Tramoni exhibits his works all over the world. He will be delighted to welcome you and share his artistic gift .

Olivier TRAMONI –

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La chaise d’Agathe

Upholsterer and candidate for the title of best in France in 2018, Agathe Lebled possesses unequaled know-how. Possibility of taking classes also.

Agathe Lebled –

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Galerie ArtEvolution & Bâtisseurs du Devoir

Art gallery full of surprises, Michel Lagnel’s gallery “ArtEvolution” offers paintings, photography, sculpture, and watercolours. Drawing and painting classes are also held.

LAGNEL Michel –

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Making costume jewellery and objects in fabric, Isabelle Lavernhe is on the art and crafts circuit. A visit not to be missed in the historic heart of Fréjus.

Isabelle LAVERNHE –

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Plexi art Fréjus

Visual artist, Jan Lo, works in plexiglass in all its forms. Organization of internships for people wanting to work with this material.


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Atelier Aquarelle

Watercolours, fine and sensitive art is presented to you by an artist on the art and crafts circuit: Jean-Pierre Béroard. His studio is in the historic heart, rue du docteur Ciamin

Jean-Pierre BEROARD –

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Fred. Diy

Customized  belt buckles, digital machining, leather belts and bracelets, engraving on all materials, prototypist, classes

Freddy NICOLAS –

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Decorator, furniture designer, painter, tableware decor, a range of artistic activities are offered by Sonia Thollet – one of the original artists on the art and crafts circuit.


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Fusing art

Glass artist and master in the art of fusion, the Fusing art studio is a place to discover in the historic heart. Possibility of doing courses.

Margarita VIANA –

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Atelier au fil de l’or

Creator of artistic light fittings and paintings, Cathy Soncini welcomes you to her workshop in the historic heart of Fréjus. She also works with gold leaf.


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Printing workshop

Graphic arts are no longer just a reproduction technique, they are above all a form of creation.

A trained lithographer and passionate about his job, Mario has three litho presses, an engraving press, a printing press and a bookbinding workshop.



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Les fées sont formidables !

Graphic arts: decors and trompe l’oeil, graphic communication



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Palette des Arts exhibition and workshop

Exhibition of paintings, Saliha Ollivier’s workshop is in Saint-Aygulf

Contact : Saliha Ollivier –

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Galerie ArtEvolution –

Photography and graphic design, exhibition, corporate communication: logo, business cards, website, drawing and photography classes.

Coraline Causse workshop


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Pottery workshop

Katia Chiotti’s pottery workshop in rue de Beausset in the historic heart presents the work of pottery and the creation of ceramic objects. Possibility of classes and courses.


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