Votive Party

the 02/09/2023

The votive festival of Saint-Aygulf takes place every first weekend of September.

Traditional procession in memory of Aygulphe, pilgrim monk of the Lérins abbey, it brings together many faithful and curious. Organized jointly by the Tourist Office and the church, with the participation of local associations, this ceremony recalls the origins of the holy man and testifies to an old tradition.

Saint-Aygulphe would have restored sight to a servant of God but also had to make it rain for the farmers, prevent water damage and calm the waves to feed the fishermen.

The gathering takes place in the early morning before leading the faithful and tourists to the Calanque des Louvans.

This is where the pointed Le Saint-Aygulf docks to unload the statue of the saint, then carried by two strong fellows. Greeted by the crowd, the colorful and sonorous procession thanks to the tunes played by the folk group Lou Cepoun Frejuren and the salvos of the bravadoes of Saint-François-de-Paule takes the direction of the village church by the Douaniers path.

Gunshots mark each halt, including a double salvo facing the residence of Raphaël Autiero, marine carpenter and designer of the pointu.

At the end of the mass, Lou Cépoun resumes fifes and tambourines to highlight the traditional dance of the stump.

Votive Party