Les Nuits Auréliennes – An almost perfect stay

the 20/07/2023
Centre-ville Fréjus | Fréjus

A comedy written and directed by Anne-Laure Estournes
Production: Mr. Theater
With: Frank Delay, Eric Le Roch, Claire Conty, Emmanuelle Bodin

“An almost perfect stay” is at least what François, a lawyer with a jealous temperament, expected when he took his beloved Victoire on vacation to a paradise island. Pretty quadra converted into a “Travel blogger” following a burn-out, she flourishes in this new way which worries François. To satisfy her, François surprises Victoire by inviting her parents to propose to her. Unfortunately for him, everything goes wrong and asking for Victory's hand will turn into an obstacle course since Hugo, former winner of Koh-Lanta, occupies the villa that François has rented for the occasion…

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