The Aurelian Nights – A magical couple

the 22/07/2023
Centre-ville Fréjus | Fréjus

A piece by Laurent Ruquier
Director: Jean-Luc Moreau Producer: Richard Caillat – Arts Live Entertainment
With: Stéphane Plaza, Jeanfi Janssens, Valérie Mairesse, Sébastien Pierre and Annick Blancheteau

Pierre-François KADABRA is a somewhat clumsy magician, poet and lunar, very much in love with Claudine, his companion and partner, a little too present in the duo if we are to believe their artistic agent who would like to replace Claudine with her boyfriend. Pierre-François will have to redouble his skill and sleight of hand to save the place of the one he loves. Make way for the magic of laughter!

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