Aurélienne night "Garlic pasta"

the 15/07/2021

Thursday July 15 " GARLIC PASTA "

Comedy – 1h20


Author: Bruno GACCIO – Philippe GIANGRECO – Jean-Carol LARRIVE

Director: Jean-Carol LARRIVE

Production: Promethées Productions

With: Bruno GACCIO – Philippe GIANGRECO

Two childhood friends have met for decades, at least once a month, to remake the world and take stock of their lives.

They use the most effective tools inherited from their Italian culture: garlic pasta, a good bottle of wine and a strong sense of friendship.

This evening one of the two is going to ask the other for the greatest service that a man can render to another: to save him from degradation. A request so great that it could destroy this friendship built on a concrete base for 60 years.

“This piece is a slice of humanity in all its glory. (…) "An exquisite recipe with hilarious puffs"

The text is chiseled and incisive, and the tenderness and complicity that we feel between the characters as between the actors wins the whole room (…) ”

Aurélienne night "Garlic pasta"