Inès Reg on tour

the 21/07/2021

Jean Philippe Bouchard presents in agreement with Foufou Punchline and AS Prod this show.

An Hors Normes show.

Does jealousy justify t all the ends?
Is nudity an effective weapon in politics?
Is getting married a game like any other?
Where do Spain's borders end?
So many questions to which Inès will answer with a humor full of energy and benevolence, in a pure stand-up style.
With friends, as a couple, as a family or on your own, if you still need to be convinced to come, read the reviews and book!
Gala du Marrakech du Rire 2019

Director: IZM
Author: Inès Reg and Kevin Debonne
Artist: Inès Reg

Book your humor and one (wo) man show tickets for: INES REG – ARENES DE FREJUS
The price of seats is from: 25.00 €

9:00 p.m.

Inès Reg on tour