Festival “Les Nuits Auréliennes”

from 18/07/2023 to 27/07/2023
Centre-ville Fréjus
On the strength of its historical and cultural heritage, engaging in the development and promotion around live performance and the THEATER in particular, both of high quality and entertaining, constitutes for the City of Fréjus, through the actions developed by its Office of Tourism, a desire to assert a national position with a strong regional anchoring in what is both unique and different.
  • Shaking up the obvious…

An immersive experience at the heart of the act of creation and the sources of inspiration of the artist, but also his posterity… The Roman theater is a rich setting with a thousand-year-old and cultural history that has marked Fréjus. The spirit of the place, its singularity and its great modernity? That of travel, between nature and culture to meet a thousand possible lives, texts, decorations, an architectural heritage, an ability to reinvent oneself…. Thanks to the theatre, the spectator is at the heart of a stage where an intimate link is created between him and the show before him… Through plays, stagings, authors, performing artists and stages, the "Nuits Auréliennes" are an open window, a celebration of creativity, inventiveness and talent that make you want to shake up the obvious and get back on stage with desire and passion. July 18, 20, 22 and 25 at the Roman Theater

Philippe Léotard Roman Theater

Avenue of the Roman Theater

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July 18 "a friendly advice"

A comedy written and directed by Didier Caron
Productions: Richard Caillat – Arts Live Entertainment

With: Christian Vadim, Marie Fugain, Manuel Gélin and Juliette Meyniac

A friendly tip Nuits Auréliennes

Never give advice to your best friend, you might regret it bitterly!
This is the observation that Boris will make when Alain confides to him that he is trying to break up with Julie. Boris who, unlike his friend, is about to marry Claire, advises him to invent an affair because it is humanly cruel to announce to his wife that we are leaving her for no one. So when Julie asks him the fateful question, Alain will follow his friend's advice and give him a name…

July 20 “An almost perfect stay”

A comedy written and directed by Anne-Laure Estournes
Production: Mr. Theater
With: Frank Delay, Eric Le Roch, Claire Conty, Emmanuelle Bodin

“An almost perfect stay” is at least what François, a lawyer with a jealous temperament, expected when he took his beloved Victoire on vacation to a paradise island. Pretty quadra converted into a “Travel blogger” following a burn-out, she flourishes in this new way which worries François. To satisfy her, François surprises Victoire by inviting her parents to propose to her. Unfortunately for him, everything goes wrong and asking for Victory's hand will turn into an obstacle course since Hugo, former winner of Koh-Lanta, occupies the villa that François has rented for the occasion…

July 22 “a magical couple”

A piece by Laurent Ruquier
Director: Jean-Luc Moreau Producer: Richard Caillat – Arts Live Entertainment
With: Stéphane Plaza, Jeanfi Janssens, Valérie Mairesse, Sébastien Pierre and Annick Blancheteau

A magical couple The Aurelian Nights

Pierre-François KADABRA is a somewhat clumsy magician, poet and lunar, very much in love with Claudine, his companion and partner, a little too present in the duo if we are to believe their artistic agent who would like to replace Claudine with her boyfriend. Pierre-François will have to redouble his skill and sleight of hand to save the place of the one he loves. Make way for the magic of laughter!

July 25 “Hail Caesar”

Comedy by Michele Riml
Director: Eric Laugerias
Production: Les Grands Théâtres
With: Frédéric Bouraly and Christelle Reboul

Ave Cesar The Aurelian Nights

Didier and Corinne, married for 25 years, try to spice up their dormant love life and rekindle their romance, during a weekend in a chic and trendy hotel. Equipped with a "Sex for Dummies" guide, far from home, children, work and daily routine, Corinne hopes to seduce her husband again.

Didier, on his side of the bed, is content to be able to keep things as they are: comfortable, safe and boring…
At a crossroads, between intimate confessions, laughter, tenderness, wild dancing, sobs and failing room service, what will be the outcome of this weekend like no other?

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