Conference "mythologies"

the 29/04/2023

Joseph-Marie Thévenet , from a family of the Lyon bourgeoisie, acquired in 1892 the villa "Virginia" built in 1883(*) against the walls of the platform housing the cisterns of the Roman city. Of modest dimensions, the residence was enlarged in 1903 and 1905 by his son Joseph Marius Thevenet . It was at this time that it took the name of "Villa Marie".

Sold in 1941, it was transformed into a hotel-restaurant before being bought by the Mines de la Sarre in 1952 to accommodate the employees of the German firm during their holidays. After the Malpasset dam disaster (1959), the town of Fréjus bought the Villa Marie with the help of the Association of European Municipalities and the International Red Cross, and set up the municipal library there in 1963.

Conference "mythologies"

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