Theme parks

Fréjus, a leisure destination! Water or land parks, the Tourist Office will help you discover the theme parks for unique experiences.

Fréjus Zoo

Fréjus Zoo’s main aim is to make wildlife that is often threatened in its original habitat better known.
The ambitious goal we pursue is to help protect nature through a breeding plan for some of the most fragile animal species, especially those in danger or threatened by extinction.
With this vast and ambitious project, our zoo has been designed to meet acclimatization requirements with a view to providing the right conditions for the various animal species to reproduce.


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Fun City

Fun City, an amusement park for children in Fréjus, offers lots of dinosaur-related activities and events. Activities are organized every Wednesday with tree climbing for children!

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Luna Park

Luna Park, emblematic park in Fréjus is located on the road from Fréjus to Saint-Aygulf. In a fairground atmosphere, Luna Park offers entertainment for children and adults alike.

Thrill-seekers, this park is for you! Between the big 8 and other rides you get your fill!

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A real institution in Fréjus, Aqualand welcomes water slide enthusiasts every year. Alone, two or even four together (new in 2018), slide down the park’s numerous slides!

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