It is a little paradise that has been nicknamed “PETITE CAMARGUE”. A combination of Mediterranean salt water and the fresh water from the Argens River, it is a paradise for protected wildlife. A place to explore with binoculars or a camera. Simply dazzling as you come around the bend of a trail or a look out point, a unique encounter. Just magical.

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  • A rural walk
  • A haven of greenery
  • Close to the sea

Fréjus for water sports

Villepey lakes: more information

The Villepey lakes form one of the rare Mediterranean lagoons between the Camargue and Italy; 255 hectares of an exceptional natural environment. The fauna and flora here is particular to wetlands.
268 bird species have been observed on the lakes. The best times for birdwatching are during the migrations in March and early September.
Several developments now make it possible to discover these wild spaces, decks, bridges, observatory and a hiking trail connected to the Massif des Petites Maures and the Coastal Path.
The Ferme des Esclamandes offers a range of educational activities based around the eco-friendly garden and the animal centre.

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