With the ‘2000 years of history’ tour, you will become aware that you are part of history: you are an actor in your time and a spectator of your past. During the last two millennia, others have left traces of their passage in Fréjus. Come and discover the testimonies of our ancestors, their glories, their daily lives, their traditions and our history. The “2000 years of history” guided tour takes you through time as you explore the city of Fréus and discover an extraordinary heritage!

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Fréjus, 2000 years of history

Leaves from: Office de Tourisme de Fréjus
249 Rue Jean Jaurès, Le Florus 2
83600 Fréjus

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Monday and Thursday afternoons at 2.30 pm

Duration of the tour: 2 hours


Full price: €7 – Reduced price: €5 – Free for children under 12

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