Purchased in 1952 by Marcel and Gilberte Paquette, over the years and generations the Domaine de Curebéasse became one of the jewels in the Appellation Côtes de Provence Fréjus crown. Now Château Paquette, it is still a family business driven by the passion shared by Jérôme Paquette and his daughter Claire.

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Domaine du Château Paquette

Route de Bagnols – Domaine de Curebéasse
83600 Fréjus

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It was 70 years ago, in 1952, that Marcel and Gilberte Paquette fell in love with this Provençal land. From their life in Ethiopia, they left the Lion of Judas as their emblem.

Château Paquette has long been an agricultural land. In the 18th century, on the map of Cassini, the presence of a hamlet is clearly identified. Mixed-crop food gradually gives way to viticulture.

During the three successive generations of winemakers, Château Paquette has become one of the main players in the Côtes de Provence Fréjus appellation, proud of this unique terroir forged by the volcanism of the Esterel and by the combination of climatic forces of the Mediterranean and the Alps.

The entire vineyard is conducted in organic agriculture to preserve the balance of this terroir.

Respect for the environment also depends on voluntary choices such as the use of lightweight bottles that reduce the overall carbon footprint of production.

Rosé, red and white wines each express a facet of this terroir through local grape varieties; Rolle, Tibouren, Mourvèdre, Grenache and Syrah.

If the wines of Château Paquette are found on the tables of the region they are also found in many countries around the world.

Throughout the year, the Château Paquette welcomes you for a walk, a picnic in the middle of the vineyard or to come and see an exhibition of local artists. Our cottage «of the five grape varieties» will welcome you for a longer stay.

AOC Fréjus

Côtes-de-Provence Fréjus is a terroir denomination in the Côtes-de-Provence AOC  – the vineyard is located on the hills bordering the river Argens which flows down to the Mediterranean coast.

Fréjus Domaines and Châteaux  – AOC Fréjus Côte de Provence.
Through strict production conditions, the winemakers express the originality of the terroirs between the volcanic Esterel massif and the wide opening onto the Mediterranean coast.

Grape Festival

In the historic heart during the first weekend in August. The AOC Fréjus wine producers will be there to show you their wines and offer tastings.