The nautical tradition of Saint Aygulf, this commune of Fréjus is well established. Since Antiquity, this Provencal town has sheltered fishermen and boaters.
The Association des Voiles Latines wanted to revive some episodes that have marked its history. These different subjects will be developed during themed evenings this winter, by Madame Claude Lusinchi and will also be published.
Pleasure boating in the Gulf of Fréjus – Saint-Raphaël, traces the evolution of famous boats and yachtsmen who crossed the Gulf out of necessity or for their pleasure from 1930 to the present day.
The fishermen of the Villepey ponds describe in parallel the modifications of the landscapes, the population, the activities and the techniques from Antiquity to the present day.
The superstitions of sailors date back to the dawn of time. Rites and phobias for a human being, an animal or an object closely mingled religion and profane act. And some remain to this day, as the comments of the skippers prove.
The coastal path, formerly the customs path, before being an attraction for hikers and lovers of the sea and the sun, had a military vocation with the defense of the coasts, and economic with activities related to the sea, to which , we must add smuggling.
The Lexicon of the Etangs de Villepey gives some useful definitions, allowing everyone, while admiring the landscape, to better understand it or more simply to find one's bearings.

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