Here you are ready to soak your fins with us, spend special moments in the middle of aquatic fauna, find yourself in a world where weightlessness has no impact on you,…? All that's missing is you to experience the adventure!

Come and discover the flora and fauna of the underwater world of the Estérel coast and the rare beauty of our diving spots.

French Riviera diving courses and training

At Aquatic Rando, diving is associative, it's a group of friends where everyone gets involved in a friendly atmosphere.

Of course, we welcome everyone, as long as they are in a good mood and adhere to the association and its principles.

The sites are magnificent (classified among the most beautiful sites in the Mediterranean), suitable for all levels, the supervision is very competent and friendly (because you have understood it correctly, friendliness is the basis of Aquatic Rando), …


Contact details

Aquatic Rando

Quai Cléopâtre- 83600 Port Fréjus

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Infos pratiques




  • Discovery of the seabed of the Gulf of Fréjus
  • Treasure hunt
  • Snorkeling
  • Underwater scooter

Practical information


La boutique d’Aquatic Rando est ouverte le mercredi de 9h à 19h, le jeudi et vendredi de 9h à 17h et le samedi et dimanche de 9h à 19h.

Chasse au trésor

Tantôt sur terre, tantôt dans l’eau, cherchez le trésor d’Aquatic Rando !

la côte varoise devient un immense terrain de jeu

Entre terre et mer, transporté par un bateau rapide, votre carte et vos énigmes à la main, allez d’indices en indices dans de superbes paysages.

Libérez l’âme d’Indiana Jones pour trouver la combinaison du trésor et venez nous rejoindre pour une aventure magnifique dans une excellente ambiance ;-)

Cette animation de chasse au trésor

est parfaite pour un moment en famille ou entre amis !


The underwater world as you've never seen it before! A wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel

and let's go for a

Commented Aquatic Walk!

More than an hour of guided tour

on the most beautiful sites in the Mediterranean,

accompanied and commented by an instructor specializing in underwater biology.

The instructor will show you and introduce you to this wonderful world and explain the organization of life in the kingdom of Neptune.

Discovery, wonder, sensations and atmosphere will be waiting for you!

Pure happiness to share with family or friends

(From 5 years old, no contraindication).

Underwater scooter

Live the fun experience with this aquatic excursion at the foot of the Esterel, propelled by your underwater scooter to finally explore in complete freedom the magnificent underwater landscapes of the Côte d'Azur

Fréjus nautical city